machine program

Currently, our KE welding machine range includes 2 machine designs – further performance classes of up to 400 kJ are possible.
We also offer individual solutions.


Technical Specifications
Max. Energy[ kJ ]
Energy Setting[ kJ ]
Welding time[ ms ]
Max. current[ kA ]
Welding cycle time[ s ]
Energy replacement[ s ]
Max. electrode force[ kN ]
Electrode force range[ kN ]
Max. Electrode stroke[ mm ]
Energy range
Welding time[ ms ]
Screen size[ inches ]
Input Devices
Dimensions and Weight
L*W*H[ mm ]
Weight[ kg ]
Process data
Welding current measurement
Electrode travel during welding
Force measurement
Process data
Power Supply
Mains connection
Fuse protection
Pneumatic supply
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Energy Setting and Welding time switch

Fully automated part handling

Pneumatic Electrode swap system

*The specified technical data are partly maximum values. Please contact us directly for more details.


Our activities range from planning & projecting to the production and assembly of CD-welding machines, laser cutting and laser welding systems, as well as customized special machines