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BOKLI Bock & Klingeberg GmbH, is an innovative manufacturer of CD – welding machines in C and gantry design in all performance classes based in Alfeld / Leine. Welding sources from 75 joules, to fully automated welding systems with up to 400 kJ are produced. In addition, special machines are offered in the field of laser welding and laser cutting. CD – welding is the most energy-efficient welding process that has been used for decades in various industries in the production process. You can get an overview of the many advantages of this procedure on the following pages. Rely on our extensive know-how on the subject of “CD – welding”. We’re always at your service. BOKLI GmbH has set itself the goal of constantly increasing the efficiency and function of its machines, in order to accelerate the “Return of Invest” for our customers. In addition, significant advancements were made to the machines, which provide the customer with competitive advantages, since the quality and output have been significantly increased.

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Our customers already include leading and well-known companies from the automotive, sensor and household appliance industries. Our systems are low maintenance and extremely durable. At BOKLI Bock & Klingeberg GmbH, everything comes from a single source, which enables us to process orders quickly and flexibly. Our customers trust in our quality and delivery reliability for more than 30 years.
Through the combined knowledge of Mr. Bock’s mechanical engineering skills and Mr. Klingeberg’s electrical engineering skills, BOKLI’s founding duo is the perfect combination to ensure the highest standards of quality and delivery reliability in the future.


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Henning Bock

Managing director

Klaus Klingeberg


BOKLI Bock & Klingeberg GmbH was founded in 1989. The original location was a small barn in Banteln, near Alfeld. In 2001, the current location was completed. Since then, many small extensions have been added to the current building. In 2005 BOKLI built and sold the first of many special purpose machines. A short time later, the first CD-welding tests were started. Since then, BOKLI has been researching its own CD-welding machines and revolutionizing the CD-welding process.
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DIN EN ISO – Certificate

The quality standard ISO 9001 ist the worldwide most aknowledged and used standard in quality management (QM).


BOKLI offers you a wide range of CNC services, as well as 3D printing and powder coating. We offer individual solutions for both prototype construction and series production. Feel free to Contact us!